Sunday, August 04, 2019

I am playing again

Even though I never post here (or at least haven't in eight years), I think it's the appropriate place to say that I have been playing lately. I try to pull the guitar out for 20 minutes or so during the day, and I play through tunes, aiming to memorize them, and lately I've also been working on patterns in the Jerry Coker and Oliver Nelson books.

I'm working on comping with those tunes here and there. I guess it's ironic that I got started with high-school jazz band rhythm guitar a bazillion years ago, but I feel like my jazz accompaniment isn't anywhere near where it needs to be.

Even though I'm mostly playing single-note versions of tunes, my aim is to work on a somewhat chordal approach, or maybe a solo guitar approach of some kind. I know in my head what I want to play. It's just the matter of figuring it out on the guitar.