Monday, January 22, 2007

Not that I've been doing anything lately

... but between 10 and 30 people a day stop by this blog. That's more than my other blogs, which get updated way more often.

I guess it speaks to the popularity of jazz guitar among Web surfers because most of you arrive here as the result of search engines. Since Google is so Blogger-friendly, the former owning the latter and all, I come up pretty high in a lot of searches.

Lately I've been spending more time on writing, blogging, working on my various computing projects (Mac, PC and now Palm) doing my "real" paid work at the Daily News and spending time with my family ... not necessarily in that order.

But my musical future -- and very likely a whole new blog to go with it -- will being unfolding at some point soon.

At least I hope.

While here, I heard the new Sheryl Bailey live organ trio record, and it was pretty good. She's such an expressive player -- she can really speak through her instrument. I do have her instruction book, "The Chord Rules," and I have to confess that it seemed a little simplistic, like there wasn't enough there to really get you going as an improviser -- or maybe I'm missing the point.


Trotsky said...

I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy it.
I am a big time Ed Bickert fan and have been fortunate enough to have seen him play many times.
The trio of Rob , Ed and Neil is a powerhouse of taste and skill.
One of the best IMHO.
I would like to have them record every standard ever written as a example of how this music should be played.
I hope you don't mind me checking in once and a while.
Gene Norland
Ontario. Canada

Steven Rosenberg said...

Ed is one of a kind. Being from Ontario, perhaps you saw him play many times.

I respect that he wanted to retire, but I wish he hadn't.