Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Joe Pass and Roy Clark

Google has an hour-long video of Joe Pass and Roy Clark playing together in the studio. I could watch Joe play rhythm all day.

I haven't had the chance to watch the whole thing, but it's a documentary with interviews of both players. Just like Joe said, I always liked Roy's playing -- it was hard to miss him on "Hee Haw" in the '70s and '80s. A very good player, as are many in the country field.

I remember reading somewhere that this was Joe's last session before his death in 1994. If so, it's a nice way to go out -- some very good music here.

Gear notes: Roy is playing a Heritage thin-bodied guitar, probably built custom for him. Joe is playing the special ES-175 that Gibson made for him in the years before his death. It has a slightly thinner body, a rosewood bridge, trapeze tailpiece and only one pickup, which is mounted flush with the neck like on an L4 CES (closer than a tradional 175), and the original Kluson tuners (not replacement Grovers).

Found via the Joe Pass Memorial Hall, where all things Joe can be learned.


ryfle said...

and don't forget - that's the great John Pisano laying down the rhythm in the background...

Desiree said...

Is there a dvd of this available anywhere?

Unknown said...

There was once a VHS which I saw years ago, but I haven't seen it in DVD anywhere. :-(